NAS Colocation Features

NAS Colocation Features


Our NAS colocation service allows you to easily colo your NAS device in a secure datacenter. Your backups will always be available via our 10Gbps Internet backbone. No where in the world can you find all of these features with one provider!

Quick Response Times

CyberLynk’s 10Gbps Cisco network with access to five bandwidth ensures you have fast routes through North America and the world.

Fast Deployment of Service

All orders are provisioned and hosting instructions are emailed to you within 24 hours of your order. That email will have all of the shipping instructions, IP addressing and details regarding your NAS Colocation service.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

CyberLynk has datacenters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. They are completely separate and both are maintained by CyberLynk engineers.

We Love What we do

CyberLynk offers FREE remote hands if you ever need help. Our engineers love their jobs and have a passion for providing outstanding support. Email to open a support ticket.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

CyberLynk ensures the highest uptime by utilizing BGP, UPS’s, Generators, multiple bandwidth providers and redundant 10Gbps uplinks from each Cisco switch your NAS is connected too.

Full Control and Upgrades

CyberLynk is very flexible with our NAS Colocation offering. Whether you need help configuring your NAS or you need to upgrade NAS hardware CyberLynk engineers are always here to help.

IPv4 & IPv6 IP Addressing

IPv4 is the standard but IPv6 is starting to be used more and more. CyberLynk offers both. Whether you have a one NIC unit or you are bonding multiple NIC ports together we can cover your IP address needs. All of our IP Addresses are owned by CyberLynk via

High Speed / Low Latency / 10Gbps Backbone

CyberLynk’s 10Gbps fiber backbone and multiple bandwidth providers will ensure you always have fast connections to your NAS unit. From Florida to California to Maine you will never have an issue connectivity to your NAS unit.